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Yakuzo/Hakiko Higher staff position APP Empty Yakuzo/Hakiko Higher staff position APP

Post by Yakuzo on Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:17 am

Byond key:Imantas2
In-game Name:Yakuzo/Hakiko
Can you
Code?:I can do some of the basics
Icon?:Very slightly, just moving things around and recolouring

Extra Info: I think i would be useful as a moderator because i can be trusted,i enforce the rules as they should be and i don't abuse. I am very fond of the rules, and i'm not afraid to jail, or even more, but that does not go without a warning. I am always friendly and give people a chance, but if they stepped out of line extremely, i do not try to give them a chance. I am already an enforcer, and i have not abused, i have helped a lot of people, especially newbies, because i want more people on the game, and i want them to know that the naruto evo community is a friendly one.

Thanks for reading, i hope you will consider giving me a higher staff position.

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Academy Student

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