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Post by Redagain on Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:26 am

Byond key: Redagain
In-game Name: Redagain
Can you
Code?: A little bit (looking forward in learning furthur)
Icon?: Yes
GFX?: no
Experience: I was Mod on Naruto New Evolution for a little while without any problems.. I was Admin on Dragon ball RU for sometime also.

I have been playing Naruto Evoluion(in general) for a number of years. And i've come to learn the game very well so I can help people whenever they need it. When I wasmod on New evo(as I said in Exp section) I didn't have any problems when I was and I was pretty good at it. I'm also on probly alot more then everyone else. (call me a no life if you must) But the point is I can watch over the game every day cuz i'm on queit a bit.

Thanks for reading this Application.

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