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Post by Niro on Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:18 am

Here is the Game-Guide!

Commands :
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, q, w, e - Those keys are used to make handsigns.
O - Opens your Stats to see your levels and such.
P - Shows your jutsus and if you have one jutsu with None in handseals drag it from the box to the macro list down on your screen.
I - shows you your inventory.
The rest of the commands will be shown once you log in.

Let's start from the beggining:
Making a Character - When making a character you have to choose a name and a password.. Do remember them.. because that's the only way you can enter your character.. Also.. you can only use the current BYOND Key you made the character on, to log in to that character, if you try logging in to a character with a diffreant Key it'll just say your Save File is Corrupted.

At the begining you'll also have to choose from different types of Clans and Elements featured in the game, so I'll explain about the Clans:
You have all sorts of clans you probabbly know all about if you ever watched the show, so I wont go too much into details, but what I'll do explain about... is the Non-Clan which is basiclly having No clan XD
You see.. what you do is.. get born without a clan but further in the game you will be able to buy yourself a clan from the Skill Tree using Sp points from leveling(NOTICE - You wont be able to get any of the clans you could've choose at the begining).

The Tutorial
Step 1 - When starting.. all players start at the same point - The tutorial which explains all sorts of details about the game. You have to talk to all the Jounins, to proceed in the game so that you can actually start playing.

Step 2 - When talking to the third Jounin, you'll need to enter the Skill Tree and get yourself the Substitution Jutsu. You have to get it in order to actually finish the tutorial(It looks like a Tree stump and smoke around it). Once your done buying it you can talk to the last and forth Jounin.

Step 3 - After that, you will need to step outside the building and kill 1 Rogue Ninja.

Step4 - Go to the right and you'll see an exit. Now you are ready to take on the real world!

In order to gain EXP and RYO you can also do missions (doing missions in a squad is way faster and better).
Each mission has it's requirments and gives different amount of EXP and RYO:
D-Any rank
C-Genin lvl 13 or above
When taking missions, the mission assigner will tell you exactly what you should do, and you will have to do it. After finishing a mission you will automaticlly gain the Ryo and Exp.. you will not need to go anywhere to finish it. Also, after finishing a mission you will have to wait atleast 5 minutes before taking another mission.
If your a low level, and you want quick cash you can always do a mission or two and buy yourself great clothes.

Note! It's Important that you train your stats. If you don't have alot of ninjutsu or taijutsu, your jutsus wont do alot of damage. So leveling up only helps you survive by giving you hp or chakra. (If that's what you use your sp on. It is highly suggested that you do that.)

The Exams :
Genin - In order to take the genin exam, you will need to be at least level 5.
The genin exam is build up from 10 General Game questions. In other words, you'll need basic knowledge of the game and it's jutsus so you can pass the exam.
After passing the written exam, you will be taken to a room where you must preform 3 jutsus (Nin or Gen) in 30 seconds( Due to abuse, you can only use Genjutsus inside that room. Meaning, just transform and clones ). Those who succeed will gain the rank of Genin and a village headband. Those who fail will have to wait and try again later.

Chuunin - In order to take the chuunin exam, you must be Genin.
The Chuunin exam is build from 25 questions, also about the game.
After passing the Written exam, you will be taken to the Forest of Death and you'll receive a scroll (Heaven or Earth) and what you have to do, is kill a player with the other scroll(if you have earth, you'll need to find a player with the Heaven scroll). If you found someone with the other scroll and now posses both scrolls you need to survive for about 25 seconds and then you'll be taken to the last stage - the Tournament!
At the Tournament you'll have to fight thoose who passed, you'll be taken to a ring and after a little waiting. You will be faced with your opponent and you will have to win in the fight. If you win you will become Chuunin, if you lose, you'll just have to wait and take it again another time.

Getting your 2nd element at lvl 25. There is no way to get a third element. (Ice is now a clan of it's own)

That's pretty much it.
Hope I helped you guys who had problems in-game  Very Happy [b]

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