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Post by loushiren uchiha on Tue May 07, 2013 11:05 am

kages should have a special jutsu you execute by pressing a verb in their command tab
An Idea for jutsus for kages would be
Hokage: Shadow Shuriken( one shuriken comes out then press S then a clone of shuriken is release
Mizukage: Water Gun/Bullet(kinda like a projectile)
Tsuchikage: Light boulderweight jutsu that increases your attack speed, run speed, and agi
Sound Leader: Snake Skin Shed(sheds skin and hides you away to get far from the enemy)-cannot use jutsus
Kazekage: Shukaku Shield( blocks attacks for 3 seconds and can be used while binded)

CLANS: to balance out clans that are kind of unfair
SAND: you would need to buy a sand gourd from (A NPC, supposeely gaara) and u can only use sand jutsus if you have that on.
ABURAME: bugs and scattered around the whole map in flowers that bug users will have to collect them to use their aburame moves. Say if u capture 50 bugs it allows you to use 50 aburame jutsus.
UCHIHA: instead of buying eyes make is so u have to do thing to unlock them. 1 TOMOE(watch a death) 2tomoe(Recover from a near death twice) 3TOMOE: kill 10 people MANGEKYO:(Kill 15 people) then u can buy the rest of uchiha moves

loushiren uchiha
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Post by Squigs on Tue May 07, 2013 1:56 pm

Most of those are good suggestions and unlike normally where i'd explain something about each of them i'll just group it for now. some of these ideas are better than others but some of them would be a bit of a pain to make. Like the Uchiha ones. Don't get me wrong i like the ideas. But generally making clans harder to use would just empower other clans such as Senju which is still being called op.
But i will definantly come back and look at these next time i'm on a coding spree and see what i can do about some of them.

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