DarkNinjaNaut/Itznotme suggestion list!

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DarkNinjaNaut/Itznotme suggestion list! Empty DarkNinjaNaut/Itznotme suggestion list!

Post by DarkNinjaNaut on Wed May 01, 2013 2:45 pm

I'm going make this simple as possible. Here's my list hope you like it.

1. Bijuus in game. Also akatsuki could be able to extract the bijuu chakra.
2. New clothes.
3. Couple of clans should be added as of Yamanaka Clan, Samurai, Tayuya(many not going happen) , and Zetsu.
4. Make rinnegan for only one player( that one player gets chosen by admin and they hold power of the sixth paths.
5.New Kekki genki- Blaze(fire and lightning)
7. Dust(Particle. Tschuikage jutsus)
8. Re model the hidden sound, and rock. ( why is hidden sound here. Replace the hidden sound with cloud.)
9. Make akatsuki have missions only for bounty.
10.Also that Samurai place( land of iron)
11. Kisame Male base. Um also shark form.

That is all hope you like my ideas

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DarkNinjaNaut/Itznotme suggestion list! Empty Re: DarkNinjaNaut/Itznotme suggestion list!

Post by Niro on Wed May 01, 2013 4:29 pm

1. We already got a kyuubi cloak.
2. 295 states to icon. That takes time.
3. We are gonna fix the clans first. Then add.
4. Like the idea.
5. Still fixing clans first.
6. You skipped this, lol.
7. Same as number 3
8. Like the idea.
9. Don't agree here.
10. Not yet at least.
11. Still takes alot of time.

DarkNinjaNaut/Itznotme suggestion list! First_10
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